Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm haning in there. I'm still emotional but so so much better. My ovaries are starting to feel sore. I'm hopping that will mean good numbers tomorrow. My US is at 730 tomorrow morning. I'm so bloated and I feel like I have to pee every 40 minutes. I pee a lot as is but I feel like I'm so bloated and sore that everything is just swollen and killin my bladder. Is this normal?

I'm really hopping for 4 mature eggs tomorrow. I know some may think that's a lot but with very low morphology level and how bad the sperm count in general was on the SA that means post wash would only be 1.3million which is barely enough to do IUI. I'm just ready to know. All this waiting sucks!! Please God with everything I have in me please let this work! PLEASE!!


  1. Sending you lots of prayers for a good U/S today! Crossing my fingures and toes that this works for you!!!