Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love my man

Just thought I'd share some cute things my husband has said about this cycle.

First we couldn't do our vday yesterday because I had a wedding showering to go to. It was suppose to be on Tuesday but it got snowed out. Anyways we didn't really even plan anything for tonight but he came home with flowers and surprised me. It made my week!

Then as we sat and talked about our day he starts talking about our possible pregnancy. He brought it up, I didn't even start it this time!

He busts out with I'm already over this waiting, isn't there some way we can find out before two weeks if were pregnant. I said sadly no. He goes why not so I explain how the embro grows and that he doesn't implant until 6-10 dpo. He goes so we don't even know if it fertilized? How do we find out if it did? I said we can't, we just have to wait and see if it did and then implanted. He's like I really want this to work, I feel so good about it. I just want to know now. Ya know I'm going to go to all the doctors apts with you. I said well you don't have to go to the boring ones like just measuring me and stuff but I do want you at all the U/S and the ones with the RE's office till I graduate. He was like graduate? I said yeah once you've had a few U/S and stuff with the RE they send you to an OB, he was like we have to find an OB. lol I said yeah, ya know normal people don't get all these U/S and betas like infertiles right. He was like at least were getting something out of this deal.

I just love him, he makes me laugh and keeps me positive. He's so laid back and chill it's nice to see him so excited. I really hope this is it!!


  1. I love his "at least were getting something out of this deal" comment. I guess there is that upside. Hoping for good news for ya'll!

  2. Awww, he's too sweet and funny! Fingers crossed for you!!!