Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Af started today right on time. Some have asked if i could have pcos. For this reason that i didnt take clomid and still had a normal 28 cycle and i have had cysts in awhile so.

Still waiting on the doctor to call with my US results. Hoping to hear something by friday.

Two friends told me they were pregnant this week. I think i handled it well. No crying or being upset. Just happy for them.

Sad were done trying with a doctor and drugs for while. We only have about 3% chance on our own. DH plan we just need more sex. Classic man. Lol Im trying to be ok with it because i know we just cant do it without chris having a job and no insurance. Its going to take some getting use to. Hopefully ill be able to free my mind of baby thoughts. Easier said than done.
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