Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waiting in pain

Around the 28th I started to have some pain in my ovary. I took this as OV pain and said great, I'm OVing and I didn't take clomid or anything this month. The next few days it was still there and I started to wonder is this a bad thing, is this a sign of pregnancy that I forgot. Well Monday (the 3rd) rolled around and it was still there on and off and felt to be getting worse, then toward the end of the end it was so sharp I could hardly walk. I called my mom and she asked if I was sure it wasn't from the metforin that I had started at the beginning of my cycle. I told her I didn't think so but I would call the nurse anyways. Tuesday (4th) I call the nurse and asks if I take the meds with alot of carbs, I don't. She spoke with the doctor who though maybe it was a cyst, she told me to take some pain meds and call her with an update the next day.

By Wen (5th) the pain was getting worse and was now running up my back. GREAT! They told me I needed to come in but the doctor was out on Thursday so I made my apt for Friday (7th). I went in and they tested my urine to check for a kidney infection and well as pregnancy even thought I was only 9dpo. Both came back NEG. They did a pelvic (the worst I've ever had) and did blood work. She said I had a lot of tenderness in my lower back and left lower side and that I needed an U/S. Because we don't have insurance they told me it was half the price to get it done out of office, meaning I can't get it done until Tuesday.

They went ahead and gave me med for a kidney infection just in case. I have been debating as to weather I feel better or not. I am feeling better maybe from 20% Friday to 45% yesterday to 60% today but I'm still having pain and I still feel totally off.

I'm praying it's nothing to bad and that it's easily fixable. I really don't want this to ruin my next cycle and doing clomid one last time. I try every month to be hopeful and trust in God that he has a plan and that we'll get our baby but every month I see AF and my hope just melts away and I have to remind myself that God did not make me this way to never give me a baby, it just isn't our time yet.

We'll see what tomorrow and Tuesday holds.

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