Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling Better

I have had my emotional fit when AF showed up and my doubt as to weather were making the right choices in life and blah blah blah but now I'm on to cd6 were AF is gone and I'm feel much more like my I can handle anything life throws at me self.

I went ahead and decided to take the soy isoflavones. I started last night so I guess I'll be taking it 5-9. If it doesn't  work this cycle then I'll try 3-7 next month. I'm not crazy about 5-9 but I didn't hear about it until I was already on cd5 so I guess I have no choice. I'm hopefully it will work. I read alot of success stories so that brightened my day.

I'm trying to be more positive and hopeful. I'm working on letting go more and letting God plan our life. If we get pregnant AWESOME if not it will happen and I'll just continue telling myself that until it does.


  1. Good luck to you, too. and good attitude. That is the way I am trying to look at it, too: Let go, enjoy life, and keep trying...until it is God's plan for us to be parents. I hope that time comes soon for us both.

  2. I've just stumbled on your blog and see that you've been going on for a few days already, so happy that you decided to join the blogging community, as I find it very very therapeutic.
    I am also happy that you are feeling better and hopefully isoflavones will help as well.
    Good luck!!!

  3. Good attitude, thanks for sharing! I have a post somewhere about the soy, I had some type of rash/reaction from it but that's my luck, it may work for you and there are a lot of success stories with it. Best wishes!

  4. I'm trying to be more positive and hopeful. It isn't always easy!!

    Good luck to you!

  5. What do soy isoflavones do? I haven't heard that one.

  6. I really hope the soy isoflavones make a difference for you. Good luck.

    ICLW #59