Friday, January 14, 2011


The doctor called and said that I had a rather lager cyst but it had already burst so I should start feeling better (which I already have). I have to get a repeat sono in March to make sure they've all gone away as well as redo my Sed rate (bloodwork) next week.

She doesn't want us to do any drugs until after my next sono which I guess makes me feel a little better even though we had already decided to stop due to money. It just makes me sad no matter why the reason. I'm trying to focus on school and work and keep myself busy so as to not think about it but it's still hard.

School is going well so far. Looking forward to a homework filled weekend. Fun...NOT! lol

I'm just ready for this summer and DH to graduate and lordwilling get a good job so that we can move and be much more stable and be able to get back to seeing the RE and do IUI. Hey maybe we'll get lucky and taking breather will be just the ticket. Well if I can chill out for a bit.

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