Friday, January 28, 2011

The ups and downs

Still no positive opk. My bbs aren't hurting which always happens the day after I OV so I guess it hasn't happened yet. Annoying since its cd 16 but I guess thats what happens when you take soy isoflavones 5-9. If nothing this cycle I for sure won't take it so late next cycle.

DH is driving me up a wall. He is extra cranky and doesn't want to BD and since I don't think I've OVed yet means we need to get on it. Man of man what's a girl to do?!

I'm trying very hard to stay positive and to be happy for all those that are pregnant and that our being able to do IVF and all that. It's very hard.

It's just one of those days were I can't wait to move. I hope and pray that things are better once we do. I feel like school and being busy and stress and to much family close by is getting to us and our marriage and I hate it. I just need some relief on the stress bubble were living in. I know that isn't helpful to get pregnant. It makes me question if we should be trying, but then I remind myself it was just a bad night and tomorrow is a brand new day!

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  1. hey just sounds like one of those days - take a deep breath and here is a virtual hug - you are not alone! I am working so hard right now I hardly get a chance to do the BD!