Monday, January 10, 2011

To much on my mind

I still have no word from the doctor. Im feeling much better today than yesterday so thats something.

I spent all night last night have crazy pregnancy dreams and adoption dreams.

DH and i had a fight about money today. Looks like IUI is off. Makes me sad. Its pretty much saying were done trying till he get a job and graduates sometime after June. He did say that but i know thats what it means. He doesnt pay the bills and i feel he lives in a dream world about how much we make and how much we pay in bills. He said hell take over the bills...well see how long that lasts. I asked for the budget when i come home from work, should be intersting to see.

School started today so thats something good at least.

Im pretty sure AF is on its way which makes me sad. Im trying to stay hopeful as in it aint over till that ugly lady shows her face but i still feel really down. Im just trying not to cry. This day sucks.
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